Teesside post worker speaks about the strikes

Postal workers have made it clear that they are looking for solutions to avoid continuing national postal strikes and that they are ready to go to mediation.  Members of the communication workers union have voted by three to one to take industrial action in a bid to resolve long-standing problems.

The main components of the dispute are Royal Mails so called plans to modernise the industry, failure to address excessive workloads and reluctance to hold an independent enquiry in to the unprecedented levels of bullying, harassment and intimidation.

Early this year Royal Mail submitted evidence to a parliamentary report which highlighted that in the last seven years over fifty thousand jobs have been lost which equates to 22 percent of the workforce, while mail volumes have only reduced just over seven percent. The result of the massive jobs losses compared with only a small reduction in mail volume has caused the collapse of quality of service with mail backlogs in many parts of the country.

Local union officials are bewildered by Royal Mails refusal to accept mediation and believe that it is because the business fears that their irresponsible managing of the business will be exposed.  We believe that while managers have received crude levels of bonus payments it has been at the expense of the service, and manageable workloads of postal workers. Royal Mail then added insult to injury by ordering a pay freeze.

This has now developed into a dispute of morals, on one side you have ordinary, hard working men and women fighting to protect the future of a much loved and trusted publicly owned service that is the envy of the rest of the world and on the other the greed of capitalism and a management team hell bent on supervising the systematic destruction of a national institution


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