Boro vs Cardiff Bosses vs Workers

The Boro vs Cardiff match saw 100 steel workers and their families march around the stadium to applause from both home and away fans. In the background was Bruce Springsteen’s version of “we shall overcome”. Understandably many people within the community believe Corus is already gone. However around the country workers have fought back and won, the wildcat strike action at Ensus Wilton down the road from Corus saw sacked workers reinstated. The Visteon workers occupied their factories, taking on Ford and winning. If we fight we have a chance of winning, if we don’t we will get nothing. The demoralising affect that the closure of Corus will have on those involved and the whole area could play into the hands of the Nazi BNP. The BNP don’t want a fight back at Corus they would rather blame “foreign” businesses not all the fat cats. This ignores the fact that British owned businesses will also sack masses of workers to protect their profits. Look at what happened at Rover where British owners destroyed the business and reaped 40 Million in profit while the workers were left to the dole. The actions of British MPs and British Bankers show that the real divide in society is between the bosses and the workers.


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