Free Gaza: Anniversary of the invasion NY Demo

The 27th of December marked the one year anniversary of the brutal invasion of Gaza by Israel. More than a thousand Palestinians died in the attack which came on top of Israel’s ongoing blockade of the region that cut off supplies of basic necessities including food, medicine and water.

Israel’s war named “operation cast lead” provoked waves of protests around the world with large demonstrations in London, Middlesbrough! and the occupation of 30 universities around the UK. A protest in New York was called by the Al-Awda coalition to mark the anniversary of the siege on Gaza and to demand freedom for Palestine now. The organisers estimated around fifteen thousand people attended the demo that began in the heart of Time Square. The demonstration heard speeches from representatives of the Malcolm X Grassroot’s Movement, Jewish Anti Zionist Network and a recording of George Galloway explaining that the Viva Gaza convoy had been held up by the pro-Imperialist dictatorship in Egypt. The demo started off to the Israeli embassy with the familiar chant of “free free Palestine” and the Spanish “viva viva Palestina” along with “Gaza Gaza don’t you cry, Palestine will never die”. A specifically American chant also rang out along the lines of “not another nickel, not another dime, no more money for Israel’s crimes”. The demo ended with a Rabbi emphasising the difference between Judaism and Zionism starting the simple chant of “Judaism YES, Zionism NO”. Three people held a counter demo waving Israeli flags and shouting “who is bombing who?”. The demo organisers noted the ever dwindling number of people who feel they need to hold counter-demonstrations against Pro-Palestine ones. It seems the lies of Imperialism grow less convincing year on year.

Down with the wall

Support the right of return

Freedom for Palestine!


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