statement from ΑΝΤΑΡΣΥΑ (Antarsya – anti-capitalist Left Alliance) on the struggle in Greece

Throw out the Government’s Stabilisation Programme/Disobey the EE, EMU Workers, Fight to overthrow the Government and EU’s ‘Stability and Growth Program’ Instead of a reduction of wages, which are at 60% of EU average, demand increases to the level of our needs.

Instead of more flexible working conditions, dismissal and mass unemployment – a radical reduction of working time, steady work for all and full benefits for the unemployed. Instead of the dismantling of social security, cuts in state grant funds, increase in the retirement age, the privatisation of the social security system – fight the evasion of insurance contributions by capital, fight black market labour, no worker without full security rights, abolition of the anti-insurance laws of Sioufas Reppas, Petralia, lower retirement age, increase in pensions.

Instead of unpopular increases in indirect taxes and a new burden on employees in a country that has the lowest tax rate of capital – the tax rate on profits back to 45%, increase the minimum tax-free rate on salaries and pensions, abolition of indirect taxes on items of basic need.

Instead of a reduction in social spending – free public education and health for all. Mass recruitment in schools and hospitals.

Instead of a new round of privatization and selling off public enterprises to pay off the debt to local and foreign bankers and moneylenders, nationalization of the banking system and nationalization of firms threatened with closure under workers control. Instead of a ‘freeze’ on wages, unemployment benefits and pensions, ‘freeze’ paying the bankers debts. Instead of subordinating to the EMU, the euro and the Stabilisation Programme, fight them.

Defend our rights to live as we deserve based on the enormous wealth that we produce today. There is no solution within the framework of the EU and EMU. We need to break from the logic of the system of profit, free market, capitalist ownership and exploitation and overthrow it.


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