We want no cuts at Teesside Uni


Massive cuts have been proposed in Higher Education – up to a third of all HE funding, threatening the closure of up to 30 universities, over 14,000 job losses and around 300,000 fewer university places nationally.  This is to pay back the national debt that was incurred bailing out the banks – banks that are now once more highly profitable and paying out obscene bonuses.  Teesside “uni of the year” has amassed a profit of around 56 million. At the same time the Uni is considering scrapping bursaries for master’s students and increasing fees for part time students, therefore hitting students from working class backgrounds the hardest. Staff will ask be asked to leave the university in voluntary redundancy schemes and people on lower wage levels will be brought in. Teesside Uni will take around 180 less students next academic year while at the same time they are spending 10.7 million on a new building.  

We demand a pledge from our Vice-Chancellor that there will be no cuts at Teesside University.  Why should Teesside students, lecturers and staff be made to pay for a crisis that we didn’t create? 

We will campaign against cuts at the Uni and in the wider community. However combined with the fight against cuts we have to propose a rival vision of education, one not based on profit making Uni’s were students are treated like parts on a production line ready to be shaped into whatever the economy needs at the time. Education is a right (F**k Fees!) and an end in itself. Therefore at Teesside Uni the slogan should still be “open your mind” not “inspiring success”.  This being said will be supporting the TAKE BACK EDUCATION Teach in

at Kings College London

on the 27th of February,

11 – 4pm,

speakers include Alex Callinicos, Terry Eagleton and Students from the Austrian uni occupations.


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