Fight the cuts at Darlington council

Darlington Borough Council intends to cut non- education budgets by 25% over the next three years and to cut immediately low paid, mainly women workers’,  in caring, leisure, and catering jobs, pay by up to 10%, by abolishing premium payments. Unison members lobbied the Town Hall to protest against these attacks on Tuesday 16th.

Alan Docherty speaking to the northern echo said: “I am bitterly disappointed that the council puts election gimmicks, ie the freezing of council tax, before its hardworking, low-paid staff.

“These cuts decided by highly-paid people will cause enormous financial difficulties for our members.”

He said: “This stance says to the council that the staff are serious about this and we are not going away and want some flexibility on their side.”

Alan Docherty is the latest person in Unison to be witch hunted for sticking up for its members. It seems the leadership of the union would rather concentrate on kicking out left wing members than leading the fight back against the cuts.


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