Marxism 2010 July 1-5 London


Gilbert Achcar author The Arabs and the Holocaust Riaz Ahmed Pakistani socialist Anne Alexander author Nasser – His Life & Times Tariq Ali novelist, journalist, historian, campaigner Martin Allen co-author Lost Generation? Nahella Ashraf chair, Manchester Stop the War coalition Roy Bailey folk musician Chris Bambery national secretary, Right to Work Moazzam Begg former Guantanamo detainee Melissa Benn education campaigner and journalist Tony Benn president, Stop the War Coalition Weyman Bennett joint secretary, UAF ●  Christine Buchholz Die Linke MP in Germany Alex Callinicos author Bonfire of Illusions Guglielmo Carchedi author Behind the Crisis Joseph Choonara author Unravelling Capitalism Sheila Cohen author Ramparts of Resistance Gerry Conlon wrongly imprisoned as one of the Guildford Four Jeremy Corbyn Labour MP ●  Jeremy Dear general secretary NUJ Hannah Dee author The Red in the Rainbow Kevin Doogan author New Capitalism? The Transformation of Work Danny Dorling human geographer, author Injustice: Why Social Inequality Persists Hester Eisenstein sociology professor, author Feminism Seduced Ben Fine author Marx’s Capital Panos Garganas editor of Greek newspaper Workers’ Solidarity Alan Gibbons children’s author Mike Gonzalez author Che Guevara and the Cuban Revolution Peter Hallward author Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide, and the Politics of Containment Jane Hardy author Poland’s New Capitalism John Holloway author Crack Capitalism Alex Kenny NUT NEC Charlie Kimber editor, Socialist Worker Andrew Kliman author Reclaiming Marx’s Capital Costas Lapavitsas author Foundations of Markets, Money and Credit Michael Lavalette socialist councilor Eamonn McCann writer & Irish civil rights activist István Mészáros author Historical Actuality of the Socialist Offensive Susie Mészáros professor of viola & chamber music, Royal College of Music China Miéville fantasy author Fiona Millar education campaigner and journalist Jonathan Neale author Stop Global Warming – Change the World John Newsinger author The Blood Never Dried Judith Orr editor Socialist Review Kevin Ovenden Freedom Flotilla survivor ●  Gareth Peirce human rights lawyer Nina Power author One Dimensional Woman Sami Ramadani Iraqi Democrats Against Occupation Karen Reissmann health trade unionist & TUSC candidate ●  Sam Rigg-David Sean Rigg Justice & Change campaign John Rose author The Myths of Zionism Steven Rose scientist and author The 21st Century Brain Michael Rosen poet and former children’s laureate Sheila Rowbotham socialist feminist, author Dreamers of a New Day Richard Seymour author The Meaning of David Cameron ●  Ahmed Shawki International Socialist Organisation, USA Martin Smith SWP national secretary GM Tamás Hungarian dissident and professor of philosophy Alberto Toscano author Fanaticism – On the Uses of an Idea Graham Turner author No Way to Run an Economy Giles Ji Ungpakorn Thai socialist & democracy activist Sam West actor & director Matt Wrack general secretary, FBU Gary Younge Guardian columnist Haifa Zangana author Dreaming of Baghdad Slavoj Žižek radical philosopher and cultural critic

free accommodation is provided, day tickets are also available

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