The short review of Marxism 2010


Marxism 2010 was bigger than in the previous years. And as usual I couldn’t go to all meetings I wanted to go to. My favourites were 50 years of the International Socialism journal, Richard Seymour on the changing face of racism in Britain, Peter Hallward on disaster politics in Haiti and Kevin Doogan on the transformation of work. Another highlight was the opening rally with speakers from Pakistan, France, and a BA cabin crew worker. The big debate between Callinicos, Zizek and Holloway included news of an astonishing garden in Athens where capital can’t enter, we have  new relations with plants and animals and communism happens right now (Holloway). Marxism is a great festival to meet revolutinaries from all over the world. It leaves you with a pile of books to read, and newly found esteem for sleeping in a bed and using a shower when you are back home. Tory scum, here we come!


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