Do we need any more reasons to fight back?

The Tory attack on working class people has become undeniable in the last few days with the announcements of:

The privatisation of Royal Mail which as general secretary of the CWU Billy Hayes says is “the failed politics of history which brought disruption to Britain’s utilities and railways and astronomical prices for consumers,”. Simply it’s worse for the workers and the service users.

The cutting of jobs seekers allowance when they are no jobs to seek. As John McDonnell MP said “It is very easy in a recession to look for scapegoats and one of the scapegoats that is already brought out is the poor”

And to top it all off the area that will be hit the hardest by the cuts in the whole country will be Middlesbrough. The Tories claim that the area has become state dependent which is a disgrace considering they decimated industry in the area in the 80’s. Public Services are vital for the employment of the area not only in terms of direct numbers but in terms of demand for the service sector. Sacking public sector workers, taking away their wages will only lead to more empty shops in the town centre.

The media will talk about the north-south divide while ignoring the real divide between workers and bosses. Tories and us.


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