Lobby Calls for action at TUC

The National Shop Stewards Network Lobby of the TUC has just taken place in Manchester. There was around 300 hundred people in attendance calling for the TUC to have a National Demonstration against the vicious cuts that are planned for working class people. General Secretaries Billy Hayes (CWU) and Bob Crow (RMT) spoke at the first rally along with shop stewards from various unions. Crow spoke about the need to coordinate action when different groups of workers are in dispute, a theme a steward of London FBU took up stating that if fire fighters go into strike action they should do this on the same day as tube workers. Following a short march the closing rally was addressed by three speakers from the north east: Dave Douglas, Alan Docherty and Yunus Bakhsh. Alan spoke of the importance of Trades Councils in the fight against the cuts. Yunus thanked the audience for their support in his victorious four year battle against his employer.

 Next stop the national demonstration at the Tory Party conference on the 3rd of October. The perfect opportunity to have a go at the Toffs and to begin to build a network that can defeat them.


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