Austerity, resistance, alternatives…

Marxism 2011

30 June – 4 July, Central London

A five day political festival hosted by the SWP

Eyewitnesses to the Egyptian revolution: watch this taster for Marxism

Videos of Wednesday’s packed out meeting on Egypt and Revolt in the Middle East are now online.

Watch Wassim from Egypt, Mohammed from Tunisia, Judith Orr and Tariq Ali discuss the revolution that is spreading across the Arab world.

With over 200 meetings like this at Marxism 2011 nobody who is inspired by the resistance from Cairo to Millbank, from Athens to Tunis can afford to miss it.

Forward this video on to friends and colleagues to show them how inspiring Marxism is.

The student revolt, trade unions & the struggle against austerity

The British government wants to impose cuts on a scale not seen since the 1930s.  The student revolt which began at Millbank has shaken British politics to its core; the TUC demonstration on March 26th will be huge.  But how can these movements defeat austerity?  This will be a key theme running through the whole of Marxism 2011.

  • Len McCluskey – leader of Unite, Britain’s biggest trade union – as well as general secretaries Mark Serwotka (PCS), Billy Hayes (CWU) and Matt Wrack (FBU) will be joined by rank and file trade union activists to debate how trade unions can rebuild their strength and beat back the ConDems.
  • Leading figures including Laurie Penny, Mark Bergfeld and Jody McIntyre will discuss the student movement and debate its next steps and key questions about its strategy and tactics.
  • We will discuss the history of the welfare state – how people fought for it and won – as well as analyse the potentially devastating consequences of the cuts.

The spirit of Tahrir Square is coming to London… Don’t miss it.

Revolution is in the air.  The Egyptian revolution has transformed the political landscape across the Middle East.  Ordinary people have taken to the stage of history on a scale not seen in a generation.   The prospect of Palestinian liberation has suddenly become much more real.

Many of the more than 200 meetings at Marxism 2011 will touch upon the hundreds of issues thrown up by the Arab revolutions.  Speakers include eyewitnesses and revolutionaries from Egypt and Tunisia as well as Tariq Ali, Tony Benn, Haifa Zangana, Ghada Karmi, Ilan Pappe, and others.

As well as meetings, reports and footage from the unfolding events in the Middle East we will have whole courses on Palestine and Zionism, the revolutionary process, the role of the working class in 21st century struggles for change as well as meetings on social media and social movements, permanent revolution, the mass strike, how the left should relate to political Islam, revolutions and the fight against oppression, and much, much more.


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